Bunkhouse was made with the idea that everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

     Working with trucking companies most trucking companies have long waiting for loads and unloads. With the 14hr rule and 70hrs/60hrs rules, plus the 34hr waiting off duty to restart your new hours, why not invest with Bodinkey's Bunkhouse Company. We can save the trucking company fuel plus give the driver a place to relax and get the well needed rest. Enjoy time off with the 16'x16'x8' comes with a bathroom with shower. A place to just relax this way the driver doesn't have to keep the truck running and burn up waisted fuel. Driver don't have to be stuck in the truck, just place the bunkhouse in the right place so your driver can enjoy time off and get well needed rest.With a clean shower the company can save on money, without the truck running burning fuel or a motel room, which can get costly to both driver and company. Plus you can rent out your bunkhouse to other drivers and make money too. As a driver 38 years as a company and owner operator plus dispatcher I know how drivers need and how company can save and make money. To keep your company going and let driver keep money in their back pocket wil save both money.

      Welcome, have kids getting ready to go on there own? Like to hlep them out, I might have away to help with my bunkhouse's. Now days rent starts at $360 up to $1,200 per month. You have some land, put up a bunkhouse. Help them get on there feet. Rent at $360 per month for one year, cost $4,320 they can't get back giving that money away and we all know $1,200 per month $14,400. Wow! That can buy a bunkhouse with solar power. Little to no cost on power you can rent it out at a low cost to you making money plus help out kids get into working force without a high cost to them. They can build up there income for a better home down the road without having two or three jobs just to pay bills.

      If you have a permanent camper set up like an extra room added on we can help you with that. Our bunkhouse can give you extra room needed.

      Like to start your own company we are looking for sub-contractors to build our bunkhouses with a small investment of $10,000 you can own your own company and help our company grow.

      Can be a tiny house by placing on trailer for on the go, moving, setup and take down ready to go. Our bunkhouse can travel.

     Something to think about: Apartments. Your rent cost you $360.00 to $1,200.00 per month, take that times 12 months $360.00 x 12 = $4,320.00
                     $1,200.00 X 12 = $14,400.00

We all know that money is gone can't get it back with my bunkhouse you pay one price and thats it. No more rent payment going down the drain. Son or daughter going to college, dorm rent or appartment rent cost so high. With the bunkhouse look at the money you could save. Another way is now you have a place you can rent out and make extra money. Can't loose. Like I say, my bunkhouse can make you money - invest right.

         They are Green Energy 100% windows/Doors and well insolated and Solar Power so cost is low and mantenice is low.

   Handycap now can enjoy the outdoors too.
Bodinkey's Bunkhouse           Company